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Harga HP HTC Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan asserted that Telkomsel should firmly reject the request money worth Rp 146.088 billion by the curator. ”Fight!” firm’s eccentric minister. 

‘Yes’ dipalakin’ (curator) be resisted. (I) proceed against directors of state enterprises, “Dahlan said, when asked to comment about the polemic that was wrapped around it in the Telkom subsidiary headquarters Reuters on Tuesday (19/02/2013) . 

Previously, the curator asked for payment for services (fee) amounting to Rp 146.808 billion after the cancellation of the bankruptcy decision by the Supreme Court (MA). However, the management refused to pay keukeuh Telkomsel. 

As is known, the calculation of the fee according to the curator of the Central Jakarta Commercial PN determination is based on the calculation of 0.5% multiplied by the total assets owned by Telkomsel which is about Rp 58.723 trillion. The result of that multiplication is Rp 293,616,135,000. 

Approximately USD 293 616 billion figure is split Harga Blackberry between Telkomsel and Prima Jaya Informatics as an applicant for bankruptcy. So that each is charged Rp 146,808 billion. The calculations use the pattern of Justice Decree No. 9/1998. 

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Harga HP Lenovo Various ways can be done to lock users confidential data in Android. Using passwords, unlock patern, face detection, or even perform encryption. But it all can be cracked in a unique way.

How is successfully found a pair of hackers named Tilo Mueller and Michael Spreitzenbarth are still enrolled at the University of Erlangen, Germany. They prove that the smartphone could freeze the data reveal that there is in it though it was protected.

The experiments were performed on the Galaxy Nexus that already carry the latest Jelly Bean. Mobile entered into a freezer with a temperature of minus 15 degrees, this technique they call Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones (FROST).

From the results of these trials that the researchers have uncovered a number of existing data in mobile phones, ranging from images, emails, even the memory cache of the websites visited by the user. Though all of the data is properly encrypted.

How to freeze the phone to reveal the data in Harga HP Asus it is actually not a new technique, this action has also been done to break through the protection of data in a computer system in 2008. But now note also that way it can be used for smartphones, so that quoted from Forbes, Tuesday (02/19/2013).